Star Wars Inspired Leather Magnetic Money Clip

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    You inevitably have a Star Wars lover in your life, and if you don't, ask around until you realize you do! This leather magnetic money clip is the perfect blend of pop culture and class. With six card pockets and a durable cash clasp, financial essentials stay organized and safely in place. Get one for yourself, or give it to your pal with a movie gift card in the pocket!

    • Star Wars-inspired designs can be placed on any part of the money clip
    • Option to add an engraved name, monogram, or message
    • Up to three engravings per money clip
    • Secure magnetic cash clasp and six card pockets
    • Natural colors to match any outfit
    • Conditioned leather for a pleasant fragrance and smooth feel
    Ordering Instructions

    1. Select which Star Wars-inspired design you'd like engraved. (See Item Listing Pictures)

    • Designs 1-5 fit both sides of the money clip.
    • Designs 6-10 and 16-20 are wider designs that fit best on the card side.
    • Designs 11-15 are narrower designs that fit best on the cash side.
    2. Specify whether you'd like a name, monogram, or short message engraved into the leather.

    • Specify the font number you'd like engraved into your money clip (if no font is specified, we'll use Font 9 for monograms and Font 3 for names, dates, and quotes).
    • For monograms (Font 7-9), the initial of the last name will appear in the middle of the monogram. For example, John Paul Smith's monogram is jSp.
    • Please specify the monogram initials in THE EXACT ORDER you want them branded.
    • For Font 10 specify the letter you want used for the large initial. If none is specified, we'll use the first initial of the last name, or first name given.
    3. Tell us where you want the engravings to be placed on the money clip (e.g. “Design 1, Kylo Ren, on card side and the name "John" in Font 2 on clip side”).

    • You can enter this info in the personalization field provided when checking out.
    • You can also send your own black and white graphic, and we'll be happy to use that as well.

    • Texas Tan is the Lighter Tan color shown.
    • Saddle Brown is the Darker Brown color shown.

    Include a handwritten note with your personalized gift!

    Thanks for shopping Left Coast Original!

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