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How to care for your Left Coast Product

Our Bamboo Products

Made from FSC sustainably sourced architectural bamboo. All of our pieces are hand finished and truly unique with natural variances and inclusions. The engraved area will show a natural variation in color and tone.

We use our homemade, food safe board butter (made out of mineral oil and beeswax) on our boards. To care for your board, we recommend hand washing only. Do not soak. Once your board dries, you can apply a layer of mineral oil or a light cooking oil to keep the bamboo protected and to deepen the color. 


Our Leather Products

All our leather products are made from natural material and the softest leather we can find. Please keep in mind that is distressed leather and it's designed to patina. If you look closely at the pictures in the listing, you’ll see that there are some scratches, small ones, even from us handling these during the photoshoot.

Each piece will engrave slightly different as the laser passes over it. Some pieces leave more char (soot) and some pieces of leather engrave with less black char. 

If there is a little extra soot left over from the engraving process, please be assured that the excess soot (not the engraving) will wear with time and use. If you would like to speed up the process, you can take a very soft light/white cloth and a very small amount of alcohol and gently wipe away some of the soot.

On the other hand, if more soot has left the engraving area than you would like, please apply a little leather conditioner to the area and the engraving will appear darker.


Our Acrylic and UV Printed Products

Please avoid water exposure or moist environments. To ensure that your UV print lasts, we encourage you to keep it dry. This applies to all our UV printed products- acrylic, bamboo, leather, and resin. We recommend cleaning UV printed and acrylic products gently with a dry cloth.