Personalized Sprocket Name Puzzle Acrylic and Wooden Toy Display | BusyWorx©

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Product Description

We are excited to be exclusively partnered with the creators, Sharks With Laser Beams!

SWLB is an American grown design team based right outside Saint Petersburg, Florida. We are proud to present their latest creation, the coolest kid’s toy you’ve seen in awhile: BusyWorx©

Help your toddler get a head start developing fine motor skills, shape and color recognition, and even learning their alphabet and spelling. Parents also love displaying BusyWorx© on a shelf as imaginative and unique kid’s room display sign décor.

Not intended for kids under 3 years old. Your tot should not be left unattended when playing.

Please note Sharks With Laser Beams has copyrighted and patented their creation and registered it with the US government. Patent Pending.

COLORS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK: Starburst Summer, Starburst Clear, Surfer Blues Clear, Clear Navy, Clear Turquoise, Clear Red, Orange


Each piece is made by their team here in Florida from wood and acrylic. The letters are about 3.5in tall and 2in wide. The sprockets are about 2.5in in diameter.

The letters fit snugly in each sprocket for a very satisfying assembly experience. Spin one letter and they all go rotate in unison!

How to Order

Spell out the name or word you’d want in capital letters (Example: “JENNIFER”)

Specify which letter color you want, or you can pick a color theme. If you select a color theme please note that the colors will be randomized for each letter.

If you want one of our shapes included just specify which one. Each shape counts as a letter, so if you specify “JACK, with a Shark Shape” that counts as 5 letters.

Also double check you’ve got the right number of letters when checking out. If you check out with 3 letters but specify “RYAN” as the name, we’ll have to cancel your order and you’ll need to re-check out again with the right number of letters. That’s not fun, so just be careful to avoid that.



Include a handwritten note with your personalized gift!


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