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Personalized Smolder Tray

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Personalized Smolder Tray 

Our Smolder Tray has two functional, circular grooves. In the circle closest to the engraving, burn wood chips to smoke a glass. As the chips are snuffed out by your upturned glass, the second pocket remains unburnt, serving as a coaster area for the freshly smoked glass while embers continue to smolder. Enjoy smoke in the glass, and a scent of campfire in the air.

How to use the Smolder Tray?

- Place wood in a small pile in the center of the pocket closest to the engraving.
- Hold the torch close to the pocket filled with wood chips and ignite.
- Once chips have their own flame, cover the flame with a glass. This will suffocate the flame and fill the glass with smoke.
- Let sit for 30-40seconds. The pocket will have burn marks from this smoking process.
- Remove your glass from the smolder, place it on the second pocket. Pour in your spirit of choice on the rocks or neat. The glass interior will now be coated with oils from the wood smoke. Swirl the liquid in the glass to infuse the drink with a savory, smoky flavor.

Experiment with other wood flavors available at most hardware stores in the grilling supplies section.

Be Safe: Note that open flame is dangerous. A water source and fire extinguisher should be within reasonable reach when operating butane torch. Be careful not to hold the torch flame on the metal mesh for more than 5 seconds at a time to avoid burning through the filter requiring it to be replaced. The filter can be replaced by a high quality sink drain strainer with a 2-3/4in. diameter. Shape the strainer to fit the burn basin in case of overuse or misplacing the mesh filter. Left Coast Original does not replace mesh filters due to use.


Smolder Tray Measures 3-3/4in. X 9-1/3in.

Order Instructions: 

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  • You are free to change the personalizations to make them your own!
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    • Please note; when a font number is not specified, Font 3 will be used for names/messages and Font 9 will be used for monograms/initials.
    • If you'd like to use your own image, send us a black and white graphic via the Contact Us Section. Don't forget to include your order number. 
  • Please note that the torch and tin are not personalizable. 


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