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Article: Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Personalized Father's Day Gifts
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Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is June 21, which seems like it’s far away, but the day can be difficult to shop for — what do you get the man who has everything? You could call it good with a last-minute gift card to a hardware store or a menswear store, or simply create a handmade card, but if you want something that will really speak to him, consider a personalized gift from Left Coast Original. Get ahead with personalized leather goods like money clips to customized cheese boards to customizable wallets and bracelets, you can find anything you need to make this Father’s Day unlike any other! Create something that can stay in the family forever, shop our collections now.


Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are growing in popularity because they’re a beautiful addition to any snack table, but they are also beautiful arrangements of food that everybody loves. There is no better way to celebrate Father’s Day than an array of delectable cheeses, fruits, crackers, and meats placed on a cheese board that was distinctly made for the man of the day. You can even pair it with a customized wine and cocktail board for a truly sophisticated evening while you are opening gifts. 

Apple Watch Docks

As the craze for Apple Watches continues, why not make a gift that makes your fathers’ watch stand out? Left Coast Original creates customized Apple Watch and iPhone Charging Docks, making it more convenient than ever to charge your electronics at the same time so they’re always ready to use! These docks are also stylish and can be engraved with initials, names, messages, or anything else you could want. The sleek wood design makes it look like a charging dock and more like a stylish design addition to the room. 

Home State Cutting Boards

If you’re looking for high-quality cutting boards that will add elegance and homeness to your kitchen, then take a look at our beautiful Home State cutting Boards. These are magnificent pieces made out of real, high-quality wood that you can either use with pride or keep as a decoration to remind you of where your life began. Never miss a chance to represent your home and your original stomping grounds, especially if you find yourself living in a new state. There truly is no place like home — get something for your father that you can keep in the family for years to come. 

Personalized Leather Goods

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day treasured keepsake with your own unique touch, then consider our personalized pieces! We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind leather goods like money clips, bracelets, and wallets. These custom leather design pieces can be imprinted with initials, a handwritten note, or a name, and are truly sophisticated. It keeps your money, credit cards, and business cards all together in a sleek fashion so it’s not a hassle taking out of your back pocket or putting it back in. There are even hero-inspired personalized leather money clips for fathers who love hero action movies or are a big fan of comic books. Take a look at our collections for more inspiration. 

At Left Coast Original, we believe in the beauty and the meaning of the specialized gifts. It can be easy to skim catalogs and pick out things that your dad will like, but it’s always more meaningful to gift something your dad will love. We help tell stories and elevate styles with our personalized gifts. Shop our collections for leather money clips, cheese boards, wallets, cutting boards, and more. We can guarantee that you’ll find something perfect to gift for Father’s Day, as well as Mother’s Day, birthdays, and more! Sign up for our newsletter so you can get great deals delivered directly to your inbox. 

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