Is a Money Clip or Wallet Better For You?

Wallets and money clips are a popular choice for people who don’t carry around purses. Fans of money clips may want a more sleek and non-cluttered way to keep track of all their essentials. While folks who stick with wallets might think of wallets as too limiting. There are clear benefits to both, and neither is the right or wrong method to hold your cash and cards. Let’s take some time to explore what some of those benefits might be, and if you’re in the market for personalized leather wallets and money clips, or any other personalized good, then shop our collections today.


Money Clips

Money clips are not only slim and sleek, but they look great when you are pulling them out. They take up less room in your wallet and free you from the burden of carrying around a collection of plastic cards. Plus, they also encourage you to be selective about the cash and cards that you do choose to carry with you. A money clip's minimalism is, arguably, the best thing about them. There is no room for junk because you truly only have room for the important stuff.  There is no room for the unnecessary things that usually find their way into wallets, like coupons, business cards, and other stuff that hinders a wallet's accessibility. Money clips are also great for quick trips to the store when you only need to keep a few bills together. 

Money clips fit into all of your pockets without adding bulk. Depending on what kind of money clip you are using, chances are that you won’t even notice that it’s in there. This is a huge advantage, especially if you are trying to keep your look as smooth as possible. A money clip can even fit well into a vest pocket, which is another added bonus. 

Money clips are also customizable. While they are made of metal, many designs are covered in leather and allow you to engrave your initials, name, or favorite phrase on. When you shop from Left Coast Original, you have the option of choosing from a selection of styles, natural colors, and you can even choose what you want to have engraved on the high-quality leather, whether it's a name, monogram, or message. You can even choose from Star Wars and superhero inspired money clips.  



Wallets have been around for ages and are filled with just as many advantages. Wallets enable you to carry everything you might need in one compact carrying case. Some wallets allow you to carry anywhere between 20 and 60 plastic cards, which can be especially useful if you find yourself with plenty of financial necessities. If you can’t live without your stash of gift cards, receipts, cash, and other plastic cards, then a wallet is a better match because it provides a simple way to organize all of your daily transactions. 

Wallets are versatile, and in their lifetime, they have gone from small to big and then back to small again. Wallets don’t have to be bulky, and a lot of modern design focus more on minimalism, although you will still be able to find plenty of big wallets on the market. Plus, everyone at some point in their lives has had a wallet, so it’s a familiar feeling to have one in your back pocket. 

Furthermore, wallets tend to look a bit more professional than money clips. While money clips can be great for a Friday night spent out on the town, wallets can be a great option to have during work hours, especially if you have a slim, elegant, leather wallet that makes you appear like you have your life together. 

When you shop for personalized leather wallets at Left Coast Original, you will find that you have several designs to choose from as well as a selection of natural colors. All of our wallets are made from high-quality leather that has a natural and rustic smell to them. You can choose to have your name, initials, or a phrase engraved on the outside or on one of the inside flaps. Our wallets are sleek in design and beautifully elegant. Plus, they age like a fine wine. Take a look for yourself!   

So, which one is better? Well, they both are! There is no definitive answer because it solely depends on your lifestyle, your taste, and the amount of financial essentials you carry along with you! Whatever feels right to you, go with that. Left Coast Original has your back no matter which one you choose. Plus, we have plenty more personalized leather goods for you to choose from, including bracelets, Apple watch bands, passport holders, and more! We also specialize in custom cutting boards and charcuterie boards. The next time you’re shopping for a gift for a loved one, or you’re shopping for yourself and want a unique, one-of-a-kind gift, don’t look right, look towards Left Coast Original. 

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