Left Coast Original

Personalized Wood Pet Bowl Stands

$40 $50

By popular demand, we have created a pet bowl stand for your doggos and felines. Here at Left Coast, we have pets ourselves (10/10 coworkers by the way) so we designed our stand with the health of our pets in mind so that you can feel satisfied with both the form and the function of these fashionable stands.

Easily choose your height size and the font design you desire for the name of your pet. If a font isn't specified, we will default to Font 3. You can also choose from our 19 curated pet-themed designs on our website (see listing image).

The engravable bowl stand top is the same for either size, with your choice of 4-inch legs for cats and puppies, or our 8-inch legs for adult dogs. The legs feature a fixed and sturdy 15-degree tilt for the health and comfort of your furry friend. The opening for the pet bowls are each 5.5-inches wide. 6 inches is an ideal width for bowls meant for pets these sizes.

Pet dishes and bowls DO NOT come with the purchase of this item. This item is intended to complement your tapered pet bowl of choice. Simply search for 6-inch pet bowl, and you will have your pick of metal, plastic, and ceramic options that will fit the Left Coast pet bowl stand beautifully. (see images for examples)

Our health features include:

Antimicrobial Bamboo for easy cleaning
Wide opening for wide and shallow cat bowls that reduce whisker fatigue.
15-degree tilt for digestive and joint health

Thank you for choosing our pet bowl stand, designed with love for your four-legged family member. Check out our other pet products on our storefront and continue to add that custom style to the pet you adore.

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