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Magnetic Fridge Mount Personalized Bottle Opener

$34.40 $43

Magnetic Fridge Mount Personalized Bottle Opener

Our handcrafted bottle opener mount is made with four heavy duty magnets in the back to keep it secured to your fridge. There is also a single larger magnet hidden in the front at the base of the bottle opener. This is designed to catch the cap of every bottle you open! 


Approx 3.125in x 8.36in x ¾in.



Use the 'Enter your personalization here' box to:

Tell us what you'd like engraved.
The font (see the item pictures). If none is specified, we'll use Font 3 for names and Font 9 for monograms.

One note on monograms (Fonts #7-9). The last name's initial will appear in the middle of the monogram. So John Paul Smith's monogram is jSp. Please specify the monogram initials in EXACTLY THE ORDER you want them engraved.

For Font 10 specify the letter you want used for the large initial. If none is specified, we'll use the first initial of the last name, or first name given.

If you'd like a Sports Team, Company Logo or any custom image engraved, send us a high quality, black and white graphic (with no grey areas or shading) via the contact us section of our website. Make sure to include your order number.


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