Cutting board stands stacked three high
Cutting board stands in each color lined up in a row
Cutting board stand displaying a personalized bamboo cutting board
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Cutting Board Stand

Left Coast Original

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Our cutting board stand is the perfect complement to your personalized cutting board!

  • Proudly display your personalized bamboo cutting board
  • Perfect for storing cutting board when not in use
  • Available in Amber (dark) and Blonde (light)
  • Ordering a board? We automatically match the stand color!
Our handcrafted display stands are made from the same rapidly renewable bamboo as our famous cutting boards! Show off your engraved cutting board with this smooth, minimalist stand that helps you add a personal touch to your kitchen. The groove cut for the cutting board allows it to sit at a slight angle, perfect for display.

  • Each stand measures approximately 8” x 4”
  • Free shipping when ordered with a cutting board

Ordering a stand and a personalized bamboo cutting board together? We will match the stand color to the cutting board unless otherwise specified.

Include a handwritten note with your personalized gift!

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