Left Coast Original has a proud tradition of collaborating closely with breweries, wineries, and select restaurants around the nation to produce pieces that represent their brand perfectly.

We work with a variety of materials; Carbonized Bamboo, Domestic and Imported Birch Ply, Solid Wood, Laser Cut Metal, and more.

Our industrial processes include CNC Routing, Laser Engraving, Substrate Printing, and more.

While we have a very high production capacity for a maker (as high as 1000 pieces a week or more), our philosophy is customer driven, not production driven. Each piece must be perfect before we ship it.

Turnaround times can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of the order. 


Custom Tap Handles: $15-$25 per piece

Custom Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards, or Serving Trays: $10-$21 per piece

Menu Holders, Salt and Pepper Holders, Coasters, etc: $6-$12 per piece

Email for a quote. We can usually respond with a quote the same day- next day.


 Custom Tap Handle

Custom Tap Handle made from carbonized bamboo, laser cut aluminum, and substrate printing. From $16

Custom Tap Handle Custom Tap Handle


Custom Serving Board with ramekin holders. This one measures approx 13"x9"x3/4". Made from amber edge grain bamboo. CNC routed and Laser engraved. From $14

 Custom Winery Serving Tray Winery Serving Board


Custom Daily Specials Holder. This one measures approx 3" square. Made from amber edge grain bamboo. From $2 per piece


Email info@leftcoastoriginal.com to start your order today