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Resin Eucalyptus Slab Coffee Table | Live Edge | | Steel Legs | Semi-Transparent Opal Resin | Cantilever


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Crafted in our workshop here in Largo Florida. Ready to ship.

This gorgeous Eucalyptus Coffee Table is handmade from a solid 1.75in slab and cast with semi-transparent opal epoxy resin. The Semi Cantilever steel legs leave the semi-transparent resin suspended securely without any distracting leg attachments below. 

The transparent resin is so securely bonded with the Eucalyptus slab that it'll hold over 400 pounds!

The resin cures to an extremely strong state, making for durability that will last a lifetime. There are no lights attached to this table. Instead the semi-transparent resin will pick up ambient light and diffuse it.

The checks in the grain have been filled in with clear resin. This allows you to see right into the heart of the slab. Inclusions and variations are apparent in the checks and add to the one of a kind character of this piece.

The live edge Eucalyptus slab grows and is harvested right here in Florida, USA. It's finished with a proprietary finishing oil that creates an understated gorgeous satin sheen.

The raw steel legs are attached with brass inserts, making for easy assembly and disassembly, without compromising the wood slab.

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