Left Coast Original

Personalized Photo Metal Tag Leather Keychain

$36 $45

The Left Coast Original Metal Photo Tag Leather Keychain might be our best nostalgic small gift yet. Designed to have a rugged aesthetic while offering sentimental value, this is a perfect gift for your utilitarian partner with a tender heart.

1. Choose your engraving placement: front cover, inside, or both
2. Choose your font (see listing images) please note fonts 7-9 are for monograms only, send initials in the exact order you want them engraved.
3. Tell us what you want engraved
4. After checking out, send us your photo via Etsy Messages

If not font is specified, we will default to Font 3 for names/messages and Font 9 for monograms/initials. Font 10 is designed for one initial and one name (example: M - Mitchell). Specify the letter you want used for the large initial. If none is specified, we'll use the first initial of the last name, or first name given.

When sharing your image with us, we situate the photo so that the tag includes as much of your image as possible, prioritizing that the faces of your image are fully featured. For best results, be sure no faces are close to the edges of the photo. Be sure the photo is both in-focus and at the highest reasonable resolution you have available. We don’t upscale the photos we are given, nor do we fulfill alter requests in photoshop. The ink will not rub off over time and will have the protection of the leather keychain.

The Leather Keychain itself measures approximately 1.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches in length. The Metal tag is just over 1.25 inches wide and 1.85 inches tall. The metal keychain is 1.26 inches in diameter and sturdy with the same finish as the button and bolt.


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