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Birchwood Photo Pallet | Wall Hanging and also Includes Multi-function Stand | With Optional Lettering Overlay

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Our wildly popular Birchwood Photo Pallets are back!

Handmade in our workshop, we lovingly assemble your Photo Pallet with premium Birchwood. Our Photo Pallets are cut with the highest precision for a truly straight, even, and well finished piece.

The integrated stand is a Left Coast Original exclusive. It fits snugly into the grooves on the Photo Pallet back. The stand can be repositioned easily to get just the right angle for display, or removed to hang on the wall.

We use only the highest quality ink for the sharpest, clearest colors and detail. Some sellers will use low quality inks and try to pass them off as 'rustic'. The Left Coast Photo Pallet has the most vibrant image rendering you'll find anywhere.

The assembled piece is 1in thick making for the perfect heft without it being too thick to hang on the wall properly. Imitation wood pallet prints are often made with very flimsy balsa type wood as thin as 1/4in!
By contrast, The Left Coast Photo Pallet is made for years of beautiful display.

The available Lettering Overlay is the perfect way to


1. Select your size

2. Select whether you'd like to include a Text Overlay.

a. Tell us what text you'd like printed on the picture
b. Specify what font you'd like (see item listing pictures)
c. Tell us where you'd like the text/lettering placed on the print (see item listing pictures)

3. Check out, completing your transaction

4. Then message us via contact us section and attach the image you'd like us to print to the Photo Pallet

...and we'll make it up! Usually in just 1-2 days!

Thanks for shopping Left Coast Original!

Include a handwritten gift note in the package, just $8!


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