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The Sarasota Personalized Leather Slim Bifold Wallet

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The Sarasota Wallet is crafted with ultra premium distressed leather that will not only last a very long time, but will look better as the years go by as the leather takes on the character that comes with use.

2 pockets designed to hold differently shaped currency from all over the world plus 5 pockets for cards make for a great use of space on this ultra slim wallet.

Handmade from full grain leather, the natural variances in the grain really add charm to this piece. The hide is tenderly rubbed with a leather conditioner that smells great and feels luxurious.


Tell us:

1. What you'd like engraved.

2. The font (see the item pictures). If none is specified, we'll use Font 3 for names and Font 9 for monograms.

3. Tell us where you want the engravings to be placed on the wallet (ex: monogram "jSp" in font 9 Large on outside and the name "John" in font 2 on the Inside -
The default is the larger size and placement. The smaller placement shown is available on request.)

One note on monograms (Fonts #7-9). The last name's initial will appear in the middle of the monogram. So John Paul Smith's monogram is jSp.

Please specify the monogram initials in EXACTLY THE ORDER you want them engraved.

For Font 10 specify the letter you want used for the large initial. If none is specified, we'll use the first initial of the last name, or first name given.

You can enter this info in the Personalization Box.

If you'd like a Sports Team or Company Logo engraved, send us a Black and White graphic via the Contact Us page.+ After you check out, simply attach your graphic to the convo and send it over to us.


This engraves on the outside and on the right inside pocket (See item listing pictures)

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