Left Coast Original Gift Card

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Here at Left Coast Original, we work hard to create new and exciting products that have a real function in your life. We craft bamboo, engrave leather, shape acrylics, and experiment with new methods all to provide our clients with personalized heirloom quality items that are useful daily.

The hardest part of gift-shopping isn’t knowing who to buy from but guessing what they might want! We have hundreds of listings in our storefront with endless possibilities to engrave and UV print. It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect gift with so much to handpick from in our workshop.

Bestow the gift of choice with our gift cards. Allow your loved one to choose a personal engraving on a product of their own choice. Not sure which size they want? Uncertain if they want their nickname, full name, or initials engraved? Take out the guesswork and give a gift that shares the fun of creating with us here at Left Coast Original.

Choose from the following:
$25 Gift Card
$50 Gift Card
$75 Gift Card
$100 Gift Card
$125 Gift Card
$150 Gift Card
$175 Gift Card
$200 Gift Card
$225 Gift Card
$250 Gift Card

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