Left Coast Original

The Handwriting Leather Money Magnetic Clip

$45.20 $62.30

Personalized Handwriting Leather Magnetic Money Clip

Engrave your signature, handwritten message or even a simple sketch on to the Left Coast Magnetic Money Clip.

Handmade from full grain leather, the natural variances in the grain really add charm to this piece. The hide is tenderly rubbed with a leather conditioner that smells great and feels luxurious.

6 pockets for cards 

magnetic clasp for your cash 


Snap a picture of your signature or quote with your phone.

Use black ink on white paper. Handwritten messages should be no more than 20 words long for them to be readable when engraved.

Send us your picture via the contact us section on our website. Don't forget to include your order number. 

Buying a gift?

Include a handwritten note with your personalized gift!


Our boards are made from architectural bamboo. They are finished with a homemade board butter made from food safe mineral oil and beeswax. We recommend hand washing. Treat with mineral oil or our board butter to keep it looking great forever! 

Our leather products are made from durable & resilient natural leather. We recommend using a dry cloth to clean. Restore luster with a leather lotion or cream.


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