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TidyTravel Magnetic Stand Personalized Phone or Tablet Dock

$56.40 $70.50

*Order now for the holidays, our stock is not guaranteed past November 15th due to extremely high demand.*

The TidyTravel is the only device display stand you'll ever need. Patent Pending. Made right here at our workshop in Largo, Florida

This easy to use design has designated spaces for your Airpods, charging block and charging cable, even while your stand is in use.

You can even take this stand on the go: Slide the two pieces apart and snap them together to protect your accessories and take your stand with you. Magnets keep the stand pieces securely clamshelled in place until you are ready to use it again.

Will hold any size tablet or phone, with or without any size case.

Made right here in our workshop in Largo, Florida from rapidly renewable FCS Certified architectural bamboo. These pieces are finished with hypoallergenic mineral oil. The best part? The scorched strand bamboo has a great subtle aroma similar to cedar with a hint of smokey mildness.

Usually ships in just a day or so!

---- Ordering ----

Tell us:

1. What you'd like engraved. If you don't want it engraved, just specify 'No engraving'

2. The font (see the item pictures). If none is specified, we'll use Font 3 for names and Font 9 for monograms.

One note on monograms (Fonts #7-9). The last name's initial will appear in the middle of the monogram. So John Paul Smith's monogram is jSp.
Please give us the monogram initials in EXACTLY THE ORDER you want them engraved.

For Font 10 specify the letter you want used for the large initial. If none is specified, we'll use the first initial of the last name, or first name given.

You can enter this info in the Personalization Box or the Add a Note to Seller section when checking out.

If you'd like a Sports Team or Company Logo engraved, send us a Black and White graphic via Etsy Convo/Messages. After you check out, simply attach your graphic to the convo and send it over to us.


You can treat your board with mineral oil or our Board Butter to keep it looking great forever!

You can purchase a tin of Board Butter here: https://leftcoastoriginal.com/products/cutting-board-care-homemade-board-butter-food-safe-0564?_pos=1&_sid=b2afba653&_ss=r

Include a handwritten note with your personalized gift!

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